We have core services that we offer under Agency, Academy & eSports but we are always open to new & exciting concepts.

Working with the Best

This is where we will show you what we have done, what we can do and what we will do. Our Clients come to us and stay with us for many reasons, but the most important is - We are good at what we do.



We take care of the needs of the professional athlete, from the first contract till his last. Every athlete is unique, different wants, different needs and we go out to provide the best with our best.


We have services dedicated to the professional game and we look to fill up all the possible gaps with the offer of our expertise.

Exhibition Matches

We do arrange various exhibition matches between professional clubs during preseason and mid-season breaks.

Scouting & Analysis

We spot the best talents and fit with our extensive and progressive methods by ur team of scouts and analyst.


Our experts can consult to help and value-add your sports organisation. We are able to fine-tune or restructure your processes from the technical to the commercial departments of your organisation.


Experience the best environment for training, tailored made for your needs

We link up with the best clubs and facilities in Asia & Europe to provide the most professional training camps and platforms for pre-season and mid-season. Also we do invidualised group programs for the most elite of players to the average social footballer.

Youth Training

#1 Soccer Educators, we believe we are.

We have been involved in youth soccer development for close to 20 years but of course duration of activity doesn’t equate to quality. But why we are sure that we are is because we:

  1. Keep up to Modern Trends of Training & Education
  2. Continually Develop High Level Players
  3. Have a constant pool of players who wants us to train them
  4. Educate the whole ecosystem the players are involved in and create a strong desire for them to aspire to succeed

Of course there are many more reasons, but our involvement in the positive development of youth players regionally is testament to our work.


We bring in the best Coach Educators for you

We believe that Education is key in keeping to the high standards of performance, so we look into providing our educators with education.

With our global network and assess to the best soccer education technology, we are happy to create platforms where there will be learning and improving of ones knowledge.